Am I over thinking this?


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I am super new to all of this and i am wondering if i am over thinking the wiring on my Fixed wing setup. I am not planning on flying FPV but just recording the video on my laptop. I have not ordered any of the FPV stuff yet. BUT do i need to use a power distribution board or can i power my lil 5v micro cam off the transmitter?



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if the micro cam has a transmitter built in, probably nota good idea. I usually power mine off a seperate lipo directly (just a simple 1S cheapie pack) depends on your ESC BEC rating. Usually they are 2 or 3 amps. May sound like a lot, but these goofy little cameras can pull better than 800mA so subtract that from 2A and that's what your servos have available.

For my bigger FPV planes, I run a secondary BEC and tap it right to the power leads on the ESC.

Another option is to get an FPV camera setup that accepts up to 20V, then you can just tap the main battery BEFORE the ESC. I just got a DVR / TX / Camera for like $25 on amazon and it's 20V capable.


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I have not ordered any of the FPV stuff yet.
So if you’ve not ordered FPV stuff. I’d get stuff that will work from your battery voltage, Just tap the balance lead.

If you only want to record videos, you’ll be better off recording in the air with a Mobius or similar.