Another mini ft-22


I just built and flew my mini ft-22. It's still in one piece, so I plan to bring it to Flite Fest ohio 2019. I built it with A pack gear.

The first time I flew it, I had the CG a bit too forward, and the plane wallowed a great deal. But the next time I flew, I had a 650mah 3C, and got it balanced just right.

But I still don't like the way it flew. Perhaps I'm too gentle on the power, but at 60% throttle, I can't get it to loop well, and it seems to want to lose energy and fall out of the air very quickly. I'm very used to puttering around the sky with my FT Simple Scout, and I'm wondering if the FT-22 just flies differently.

My wife took these lovely pics of today's flight.



4s mini mustang
Nice job! The plane looks great. About the loops though, you should use more power and gain speed before trying a loop. For a first loop I use full throttle.