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Any alternatives to XT60 connectors?

I am looking for some kind of connector to replace the XT60 on lipos, as they're a pain to keep plugging and unplugging. I'm having a hard time researching connectors based on amp and voltage ratings. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was also thinking about putting a switch in the battery cable, so I don't have to keep unplugging the battery. I wonder if that might cause any power loss.


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The XT series are the best connectors out there, they are all I use. They can be a little tight, but that just means you have a good connection :) A high quality high current switch will probably cost as much as the battery and be very heavy.


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I gotta be honest that I really like the XT series. They connect well, and the shape kinda makes it "idiot proof" in the sense that you can't plug it in incorrectly unless you REALLY force the sucker in backwards or have it soldered backwards. In addition, a female XT-60 plug can accept a male EC-3 plug, so it might make more sense to go with the XT series over others.

That said, if I weren't using XT connectors, I'd probably go Dean's, for the "idiot proof" factor.


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The XT60 is so common because it’s robust, can take decent current and won’t allow you to get the polarity wrong. They also stay plugged in even if the battery is loosely clamped. There are very few other connectors that have its current carrying capacity. Installing anything not high enough rated will cause the connector to become hot and in extreme cases catch fire.
If yours feel too tight then use needle nose pliers to squash the pins in the male connector one at a time. I have tried others, XT60 is the easiest.


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How do you charge your batteries if you do not connect and disconnect your batteries? I am with everyone else XT60 I have noticed some of the cheaper XT60`s I have are very tight fit.


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Yeah the clone ones can suck. There’s a degree of “luck of the draw“ with them but I have had awful Deans too. The ribbed deans are quite easy to handle and they do a goof proof clip on insulator for them now, which solves the main problem with Deans.


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I In addition, a female XT-60 plug can accept a male EC-3 plug, so it might make more sense to go with the XT series over others.

Did not know that, you made me get up and try to connect a XT-60 and EC-3. All my Flite test ESC's have a XT-60 and my buy-from-the-store planes have a EC3


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It was something I found out about in the manual for my Horizon Hobbies Conspiracy 220 BNF:


It'll ONLY work if the battery plug is a male EC3 and the ESC plug is a female XT-60 as shown above, but it's really helpful - and because of it, I'll keep using the XT-60 connectors.


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The Deans plug & EC3 would be an alternative to XT60. I'm not sure they will be any easier to plug and unplug.

I don't know of any switch but you might consider an arming plug like this one. You can make one with one with any type of connectors you prefer. Place it somewhere easy to get to, plug the battery in, when you are ready to fly, install the arming plug.