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Any Western New York fliers (Buffalo) area on here?

It has beem a cool and breezy summer here and few people out flying in this area. Looking for others in this area to get together and fly. At this time indoor flying has been gettng more and more desireable with the colder days around the bend.
My name is Ed, I live in Lockport, NY. Do you know of a place we could fly indoors around here? I just saw the Old Speedster review and I'm building an Old Fogey to use indoors while I am waiting for the Speedster plans to become available.
Hi guys! Born and raised in West Seneca! Living west of Cleveland Ohio now. I'll post if I think of any good indoor spots back home. Ask the Bills if you could use their indoor practice dome :)

Hey N222NY, and Hell2go You might already know this but I'm in Buffalo (lancaster/Depew), Look at eagles post and put a pin in the map! I just did!
I'm in the Falls.

I have never done it yet but I know the local clubs have flown indoor at the gym in
new Niagara Falls High School and down at the Agri center.

If you Google Wing and Rotor of WNY, or The Niagara Sunday Fliers you might be able
to contact someone and find out how they get into these places or maybe join them for a session
when they get together.

These are not the snooty clubs you hear horror stories about. I went to the Reservoir State Park
to watch some of the guys flying one day and they wouldn't let me leave until I got on a buddy box.

I joined Wing and Rotor two days later... :cool: