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Anybody flying in Berlin?

So, I finally got it built, and it's a beast! Words simply cannot do it justice, so here are some pictures. IMG_20150617_134027.jpg

Or picture, singular. The forum didn't like the sizes.

Edit: here they all are: https://imgur.com/a/DKm5R

Now I don't have to fear Tempelhof anymore. =)
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Hey man,

looking good man. Also, I didn't think I'd meet a fellow imgurian here ;)

What kind of flight controller board you got on there?

Because I was frustrated with the Deutsche Post strike and my planes are still not here I actually sat down and put my old quad back together, swapped out a few parts and holy shit is it overpowered now... I draw 8 amps on half throttle with the big 7/4 props (I think).
Here are a few pictures:


Link to album: http://imgur.com/a/ClDgQ

I know, I know, KK2.1.5 board.. I ordered a naze and a 250 frame and some FPV gear, it should arrive in 1-2 weeks. But it is flyable if you calibrate it before each flight.

So... whenever you want, we could go out and fly! I'm looking forward to it.
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looking good man. Also, I didn't think I'd meet a fellow imgurian here ;)
We're everywhere... =)

As for the flight controller, it's a KK2.1.5. It's as standard a hobby king package as you can imagine. 4S, though. I think most people run 3S. 8" props.

I actually considered getting a warthox frame, like yours, but settled on a complete hobby king setup instead. The thing is a beast. I'm genuinely afraid to fly it. I take it out to the park by my house when I hear that the park is empty. The thing picks up speed very quickly, and there isn't much space. With my nano qx, I could just drop out of the sky if there was trouble. I'd like to not do the same thing with this one, if I can avoid it. Though I will if I have to.

As for the flight controller, I don't think it's a bad controller, actually. Granted I haven't flown a Naza, Naze32 or a CC3D, but so far it's ok. I'm not sure I "like" it, but then again I don't know what qualities are attributable to the flight controller itself.

I'd be up for flying virtually any weekend when the wind is ok. I'm on vacation today and tomorrow, actually. I'm considering going to tempelhof in the middle of the day, hoping that it'll be empty. I might just do that, if the wind is right. What kind of times would you be available to fly?
I had a similar experience with mine. the slightest touch on the throttle would catapult it up in the air. So I did a lot of stick scaling and PID modifications and now I'm pretty comfortable, plus I got the self-level working correctly.
Now all that's left is fly on the simulator to get the axis-switching dialed in when it's facing and flying towards me (I love crrcsim).

What are your plans for thursday afternoon? I'm having a job interview but that'll be over at 3pm or so. friday same deal and I'm pretty much free on sunday.
btw. I've sent you a privmsg for contact exchange.
Hey I know this thread has been dead for a couple years, but i hope people still noticed this: anybody know another place in Berlin to fly? Im a beginnen, and have neary hit somebody at Tempelhof in a messed up landing more than once.... Messed up landing being a crash
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