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Anycopter problem

Thank you everyone, gonna try it when I get the time, yesterday I was flying with my plane and suddendly a wing felt off and my plane crashed in a big fields, I've searched for over 2 hours without finding anything execpt the wing that got away, I'm gonna go back with the hope of finding it today.
Do you have the props on the right way. Not as clockwise or counter clockwise
But front facing up. If you look on the props the lettering should be facing upward
If not flip them over.
I've done it a few times.
I wanted to do all the testing today but I've got an other problem, so I'm trying to use my Turnigy 9x transmitter on the tri but it doesn't sems to work, I turn on the transmitter then the tri but when I go in the receiver test my number is stuck:

Aileron : -5
Elevator : -5
Throttle : 41
Rudder : -5
Auxilliary : -5

I've tried everything but it doesn't change anything, any idea why ?

EDIT: Fixed it, one of the pin in the back of the transmitter had a problem.
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Okay, so I have a problem with one of the motor, It seem like it tries to turn but It can't, I've made a video to explain:

How can it be ? It worked fine some minutes ago, I've tried to check the wire but I couldn't see any problem.
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It's probably sensing that the one motor is too high, and is only giving power to the other two, to level it out. Take it out of autolevel mode. That might help.
It's too comfortable on that nice comfortable bed, it doesn't want to leave.
Yeah, my tricopter is just lazy as hell. Seriously, the cable broke off so I won't be able to use this motor, I've ordered another one that have already been shipped but sadly I won't be able to take my tri to the air before long because I'm going to Denmark this week and I won't return home before 2 weeks.

But anyway, thank everyone for have helped me out and when I'll get it up in the air I will update this thread.

Have a wonderful day :)


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You might want to use David's trick of epoxying the wires at the rotor to keep that from happening. It's here and he starts talking about it at about 7:00.
I'm trying to optimize it, I've searched for some tunning guide but I haven't found any very good one.
I want it to do altitude hold if possible and make it perfectly stable, do I have to only do it with the trim or with something else ?

Here a video to show you how it flies:

Sorry for the very rough landing, I didn't manage to land it softly but nothing broke.
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I cut a pool noodle to make it look like a fuselage. It helps me keep track of which part is the front and it also helps protect the electronics in the event of a crash. I try to do just easy flying when I don't have it on. Last thing I need is to break any of the electronics because of the 2 weeks it takes to get replacement parts from overseas!


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Yea, extra props are a given. But an extra motor and ESC is also something to consider.

When I was flying my first wood quad, I had extra booms cut and ready. :eek:


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Yes, I noticed the same, was like that a month ago already.
The only other programmer I see is the one you have to connect to this one (to flash ESC's in place....)
Strange indeed