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Anyone flying float planes in saltwater conditions?

Living on SE coast of NC I flipped out watching the video how to on waterproof electronics and motor. Then they dunk the setup in a tub of saltwater! After I get the hang of the Storch my next build will be a float plane. Any suggestions planes or additions on water proofing.


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I don't know about salt water specifically, but you can put epoxy in the ends of the esc shrink tubing, as well as covering the receiver board in epoxy (minus the pins). Unless you dunk it, it is probably easier to just leave the servos without waterproofing because it is easier to spend $2.50 than take an hour to waterproof. Salt may be different though, so others leave your suggestions too (and let me know if I'm wrong).


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Brushless motor do not really suffer from immersion, they will run quite happily under water, provided you dry positively them out afterwards. Immersion is salt water just has to be followed by a good dunking in fresh to remove the salt.;)
Electronics are different. Water- bad, salt water - even worse! :(

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There is a product you see "As Seen on TV" commercials. I don't recall the name but it is basically spray on rubber. I think it would be ideal for this application.
No, but not long ago a local Hobby Shop owner showed me a huge float plane which was crashed into many pieces. He told me that the owner flew it in brackish water here on the Gulf Coast. Eventually the elevator linkage corroded and the loss of pitch control was the end of a rather expensive airplane.

I've been around salt water most of my life. When I was a Naval Aviator I remember how much time they spent on aircraft corrosion control when we were diployed onboard air craft carriers. If I were you, I'd find a freshwater lake.