Anyone have experience with the Super Simple Gimbal (SSG)?


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I've recently built a super simple gimbal (link), for use with a GoPro 2. I've had some strange issues with it being rather "twitchy" using the gains suggested in the article. Does anyone know what this could be caused by? It stays level really well on my V-Tail quad, it just shakes like crazy even when the craft is level. Can this be adjusted by changing gains? Do I need to invert my gimbal (as I've seen in a few different designs)? I feel like I'm super close to having an awesome FPV platform, but I just can't quite get it right. I can post a video, if needed.


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I have never seen that gimble build before. It looks pretty cool. I like the fact that it can be controlled with the same KK2 board that controls the copter.

According to the article, it says that you may need to play around with the gains if you use different servos. Even if you use the same servos, you'll probably have to tweak it some. I'm guessing that the gain is to high if it twitches while level. But it's just a guess.

I've got to try to build one of these.


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Design-wise, its an awesome gimbal. I really like the thin form factor, as I don't really have room on my craft for a large "hang down" gimbal. It's also really easy to make. I made mine in a little over an hour.

I think I'll attempt to lower some gains and see where it takes me!