1. Test Fly RC

    New, HERO 10 Black Bones, is For FPV Drones!

    GoPro Released a Hero 10 Black Bones, today thats For FPV Drones! As far as I know, this is the first time GoPro has released a camera that's specifically for FPV Drones and that only weighs 54g Buy the Hero 10 Black Bones HERE! " "
  2. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  3. J

    GEN1 Ft Spitfire Video

    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and building during this quarantine... :) I made a youtube video of my Ft spitifire with a gopro while flying at a polo field. Enjoy and have fun flying. ;) . Feel free to leave any advice.
  4. Simple Cub with a GoPro

    Simple Cub with a GoPro

  5. Simple Cub with a GoPro

    Simple Cub with a GoPro

  6. 04-01-2019 Simple Cub from GoPro

    04-01-2019 Simple Cub from GoPro

    Simple Cub with GoPro from GoPro
  7. 04-01-2019 Simple Cub 2nd maiden with GoPro

    04-01-2019 Simple Cub 2nd maiden with GoPro

    Simple Cub with the GoPro on it second try.
  8. 24-12-2018 Simple Cub flying a GoPro

    24-12-2018 Simple Cub flying a GoPro

    Flying the Simple Cub with a GoPro camera attached to it for the first time.
  9. BlueK

    FPV Cloud Surfing | GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!?

    Cloud Surfing with my quadcopter, it was a super windy day but a good test day for my my new gopro7 the hypersmooth stabilisation works good but not perfect you can see some glitches
  10. iBigNTastyi

    Mostly new to RC in Washington state. GoPro mount?

    Update 1: Added paint progress, new wheel pictures. Update 2: Added post paint progress, assembled and detailed. Hello all! My name is Brandon. I'm 30 years old, married, and have three kids. I'm an Automated Assembly/Robotics/Numerical Control programmer at Boeing in their main factory in...
  11. C

    Looking for Gopro Session 4/5 For Shoutouts in YT desc.s

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone with a gopro session 4/5 that they are willing to part with. I am currently using an SJ8000 with a broken screen and a scratched up lens that corrupts the file 9/10 times I use it. In return, I can put links to your youtube channel as well as other social...
  12. C

    Gopro Session (any)

    Hello everyone, I am Coob FPV and I am here because I am looking for someone who is willing to give up a gopro session, doesn't matter whether it is a 4 or 5 (preferrable 5 though). At the moment, I am using an SJ8000 that has a broken screen and a scratch on the lens. I have a Youtube channel...
  13. B

    Scratch build foamy, droppings and mounted gopro

    Hi all, Here 2 short video's of my scratch build foam plane. First one dropping some cardboard boxes and second one i mounted my gopro on the wing. Have fun watching!
  14. S

    Need help with gopro session drone mount.

    Hey, I have purchased gopro session 5 and I want a drone to mount it to a drone but I can't find any drones compatible with gopro session 5.
  15. E

    FPV winter in Holland

    Here is a compilation video of some flights I made over the last two weeks with my tricopter: enjoy! Erwin
  16. J

    Strange FPV question?!?

    Hi guys and girls, I do have a strange question. In last several episodes of Flite Test I have seen GoPro Session - presumably 5, on mini quads flown FPV by the crew. How was it done? I do consider getting a new GoPro - I have killed 3+ long time ago, but even GoPro support states that 5 and 5...
  17. N

    GoPro Hero 5 Black FPV

    Hello , i recently purchased a gopro hero 5 black to use on my quad and other projects. Can someone please tell me how it can be connected to an immersionRC 600mw fpv transmitter?
  18. R

    Help with a 3DR SOLO camera question

    I have been thinking about purchasing a 3DR Solo. The issue I have is can any other camera be used or is the GOPRO and the Sony the only camera that will work with the Solo? After you purchase a Solo and a GOPRO or Sony your almost at the price of a Phantom 3 Pro so I am torn between the two...
  19. R

    FT210 HD camera mounting

    Hi I am new here. I just built the FT210 quad and have gotten to the point where I am flying it more than crashing it. So now I want to buy a camera like a Go Pro session or Polaroid cube and get some footage of my relatively tame flights. Thing is I am not sure how I would mount that cube style...
  20. M

    Help me build a Fixed Wing Mapping Drone

    Hello Everyone! My goal is to build a Fixed Wing Drone for aerial mapping that would be capable to fly autonomous missions for at least 30 minutes at an average speed of 15 meters per second. Such drone would probably consist of: 1) Pixhawk Autopilot (or any other autopilot that supports...