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Anyone Seen this Radio before?


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The guys is selling this for a little more than his 9x Radios (which are well overpriced when compared to HK). Just wondering if this is some new model? I know it doesn't look like the images of the 9xr which is supposed to be coming out soon, but the LCD does look bigger than the 9x. I've never seen this configuration before.


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I believe it is made by
Shenzhen Jingxinhong Model Co., Ltd.

I think they are also the makers of Fly-Sky items. (FS-TH9X for one)

Although it is never quite clear exactly what a Chinese company produces and what they re-market.

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this looks like a new prototype tx-rx combo that Nightflyyer on you tube was talking about the guy used to work for kraft rc back when rc flight was just getting started and popular you ought to look him up and watch some his vids all though he isnt the best when compaired to Flitetest!