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AP Goshawk 50mm EDF

STATUS: Published!
For the pusher configuration (FT Power Pack F) click here!

WINGSPAN: 660 mm | 25.98 in
CG: 28 mm | 1.10 in
DRY WEIGHT: 369 g | 13.02 oz
ALL UP WEIGHT: 540 g | 19.05 oz (with 1600 mAh 4s)

EDF: 2627 KV4500 (4s | 50 mm | 11 BLADES)
ESC: 40 A
SERVOS: 3 x 5 g (AIL | RUD) | 1 x 9g (ELV)
BATTERY: 1600 mAh 4s






Old first post:
I bought a HK 50mm Alloy EDF 4800kv (3s Version) and found the T-45 Goshawk in search for a suitable aircraft, which is easy to convert into foamboard. It will be my very first EDF plane and here is my first design:

The wingspan is 610mm. The fuselage is not yet glued, first only stapled. The build plan is in raw format and the parts fit quite well. There is still a lot to do before it can take off to the maiden flight, so back to work!:D
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Thank you all! :D

Yes it will be a simple build without posterboard. I plan to create two types of wings - the one shown in the picture with wingtips and a curved alternative like the original Goshawk has.

The actual length is 720 mm (approximately 28.35 in) and the wingspan is 610 mm (approximately 24.02 in).

A pusher version would be a great alternative too. Perhaps later.

Now i have to install the electronics and find the perfect places for the stab-servos.
Elevator and ailerons. Better pics below.
A clean and simple beauty! ;)

Mine is ready for the maiden flight:

I have not installed a servo for the splitted horizontal stabilizer, because i don´t want it in the EDF air duct.
In an EDF is not as much space, as in a pusher.

So I configured it as elevon. Let's see if the CG is correct. :confused:
Sure it will fly, but how many ... seconds?
... Will it fly without an elevator?
As I've read on rcgroups, an elevon configuration is not a good choice for an aircraft that has a horizontal stabilizer, because the elevator is too close to the center of gravity. As EDF the Goshawk needs two servos for the divided elevator. Right and left of the air duct was just enough space for the HXT500 and there I installed these servos. :D


Now this Goshawk has a real elevator ... and more weight! The AUW with a 3S 1000mAh is 410 g (14.46 oz).
According to the Datasheet, the maximum thrust of this EDF is 450 g (15.87 oz).

Let's see if it is also a brick! :confused: