AP Goshawk 50mm EDF



It may take what it takes as far as thrust/weight issues go, but I don't believe it will ever be a brick.
That's another beautiful aircraft, well done



Thank you! I still work at the ratio of weight and thrust! V0.2 is about to be built. I have removed a lot of paper inside to reduce the weight and widened the air duct at the end - it´s not scale, but expedient!


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glad to see a successful maiden, seemed to fly awesome! I'm super excited to build + fly one of these things, really hoping for some plans sometime soon as well! have a FMS 50mm EDF that needs a secure place inside an air frame =D


Plans are in raw format.

I have not measured the thrust, but in the 3s part of the video the throttlestick is at 75 or 100% thrust!

The plane in the video includes a HK 50mm Alloy EDF 4800kv (3s Version) with a thrust of 450g (says HK). 3s was like cruising through the sky - no loops, no fun! 4s was perfect, but this EDF is only for 3s - okay, i took the risk. Currently i ordered the 4s version of this EDF. It is a Hobbyking 50mm Alloy EDF V2 4200kv with a thrust of 550g (says HK). Let´s see. I will try it soon. ;)




I replaced the two 5g servos with one 9g servo and a 2mm linkage stopper.


I have already prepared some decals:


In the search for the decals I found this awesome "Goshawk Ball" video:

V0.3 had enough thrust with the Hobbyking 50mm Alloy EDF V2 4200kv.
Unfortunately, it got strong side wind and was not interceptable. The result does not look good. :(


I am currently building V0.4. The rear part is no longer so angular and the air intakes are closer to the original.





Now it needs a new canopy and a wing, then it goes to the next test flight.
I will enlarge the wingspan from 610 to 700mm, let's see how it flies with it.
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I am not done, but there is progress!

With the wider wing, it was more stable in the air. I will expand the air intakes slightly and reduce the weight. I have to remove as much as possible from the inner paper layer. I go back to the rectangular version and will publish it as V1.0. The canopy of V0.5 consisted of too many triangles and too much hot glue. Perhaps V2.0 will be not so rectangular - but definitely with less triangles! This plane should be an easy to build EDF Jet!

So I'm not satisfied yet and continue. This takes time!


@ i noob: I do not know how long it will take, but if you want to participate, it may be go faster. Send me a pm with your email and i mail you the plans of V0.6! Build it, fly it and give me feedback.

@ Grifflyer: You are looking for a new airframe for a 50mm edf? I have a SURPRISE to test for you! It's V0.1 of a ??? and it has no maiden flight! Send me a pm with your email and i mail you the plans! Feedback is a gift! Of course you also can have the current plans of the Goshawk V0.6.
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