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Apache Attack Helicopter

Took my gran to the hospital today to have a cataract removed. Whilst waiting an Apache attack Helicopter landed in the college opposite and I saw it first hand. Was spectacular seeing it fly!

I got video of it too, will post up once uploaded.

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Wow, that's really cool! I've seen a couple of police helis land on the field of UC San Diego, probably abducting the collage students, nothing on an attack helicopter, but still pretty cool. Ohhh the cataract surgery's... my gran has had 3 in the past year...


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Thats awesome! Certainly don't see that every day! I saw one do an Airshow demonstration in Arizona a few years ago, and it is amazing how maneuverable they are!
I was an Apache Longbow repairer in the Army fro. 2001-2005. It really is an excellent aircraft. They tend to break the strap packs in the rotor head because they have the ability to out maneuver themselves.


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I suppose that is one way to ensure your kid got good grades huh.. Fly in for parent teacher day in an Apache.

Nice luck to randomly get to grab pics and vids of something like that mate.
I got some cool video of loading some CH-47's and jumping out the back, let me see if I can find them for you to enjoy if you like seeing these sort of things.