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Apache gyro


I'm a care bear...Really?
Was thinking that. One problem is no one round here has brass tubes. The others idea I had was to make the body into an osprey style. Since I'm in the fire department for the airforce I can get side designs easy and I can blow the pictures up to match the size. I think that would be really cool looking.

how cool would this look......


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The Osprey would make an awesome subject. Had them flying overhead all day today.

Where are you located? We have brass tubes in the local Ace Hardware, and also in the bins section of Lowes. Use plastic instead of brass if you have to. It's just a tube to prevent the shaft from wearing through the foam. Brass lasts longer, but considering the first version or two will likely suffer from more impact damage, than long term wear damage... longevity of materials might not be the most important factor. :D


I'm a care bear...Really?
I'm in md by the de line. I work at the Delaware air national guard as a fire fighter. Ill look Saturday at lowes or ace. Should I try for the twin rudder or just stick with a single


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The telescoping antennas on walkie talkies, RC Transmitters, cheap hand held radios etc are usually made of chrome plated brass tubing.