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Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell

Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell V1

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Apple Pie

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Apple Pie submitted a new resource:

Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell - 1.9m wingspan master series style WWII bomber. C Pack or 3536 motors.

Here is my take on the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber from WWII. Approx 1.9 m wingspan (75") built using master series build techniques. This is my first attempt at designing a plane using a combination of Fusion 360, meshmixer, and inkscape. It is not perfectly scale by any stretch of the imagination but I think it came out pretty close. This build is meant for anyone who wants a larger scale bomber to complement the master series WW2 fighters that Flite Test has been releasing. It...
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Apple Pie

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will there be a reduced version 50 inches?
it's too big for me
very pretty
flight video?
I haven’t had a chance to maiden this yet, hoping that can happen next week. I think that scaling these plans would present some challenges with the engine mounts, flap mechanism, and alignment of the center channel due to the changing thickness of the foam if you just scale the plans. I see that John Overstreet has designed a FT master series of the B-25 which I assume will be released one day (probably not soon though!) which will be more like a 50” wingspan plane.

Apple Pie

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flight video, build pics? I need those before I build to see if it is worth my time
I’ll post a flight video when I get a chance to fly it, hopefully in a week or so. I have a bunch of pictures taken during the build. Most of them I posted in the Billy Mitchell was Right thread while I was building it.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Maidened the B25 today and it was all in all pretty darn successful. It’s a big heavy plane and it flies that way! Not sure about the cg optimal location but this was at about 1/3 of the way back from the leading edge. Next step is to work on the bomb bay mechanism some more ..

That flew great! Just curious, how did the landing work out?

Apple Pie

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Apple Pie.
Thanks for the awesome plan.
Your maiden looks so awesome. The plane even floats. Haha.
I had downloaded the plan and got all the pieces hand cut out, no CNC machine 😞. Still had to cut the plywood reinforcement. Will try to put this plane together.
Right on!!!! Hit me up with any questions you have along the way and I’ll do my best to help out.
Right on!!!! Hit me up with any questions you have along the way and I’ll do my best to help out.
Right on!!!! Hit me up with any questions you have along the way and I’ll do my best to help out.
Thanks in advance!
Started to lay things out, your build pictures helps a lot.


Apple Pie, just a FYI. I believe the plan is missing one of the tail skin F-13. I will try to make one to fit.
Thanks for the great plane again. It's coming along, have to order some more servos and ESC.
Will be updating the build.