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Senior Member
Hi Guys
wanted a bit of advise on the best GPS module to use with the ArduPilot 2.5.

I am looking at a uBlox gps but seems to be a bit of a mind field as to the numbering.

any advise would be grand :)


Senior Member
Thanks bud but i have the apm2.5 board already
just looking for a good gps. I have gone for a uBlox Neo 6M from what i have been reading not much difference in this and the 3dr one. well nothing i am going to use anyway..
on another look at the links you sent me i have ordered the gps in them :)
will see how we go. now what to put it in? tri or quad??? or shall i wait for the 550 hexa copter frame to turn up from HK. Dilemma...