Are everyday people more welcoming towards fixed wings that multi rotors?

Ryan O.

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You have probably seen at least one article about how "drones" are constantly spying on you. The one problem is, every example is a non hobby grade multi rotor. For example, before I discovered flying fields I flew at the local park with my FT Twin Sparrow, nutball, and flyer. there were almost always other people there minding their own business and having fun. I would fly in the area away from them for safety, but if they saw the airplane around 40% of the time they would come nearer to watch it or ask questions and they would seem happy not worried (I even met 3 different guys who flew nitro on control line or very early controllers. Unfortunately, if in the same situation my airplane was replaced by a multi rotor flying in the same area the reaction would probably be different more often for worse in my mind. So, feel free for answering to the question stated in the title or, do you have any stories about flying RC at parks, or is it just something weird about Wisconsin?


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I'm afraid this will often be the experience right now. Yes, the consumer level availability of Multi-rotor equipment (Drones to most average people) has poisoned the well in my opinion. Since they are so available all kinds of people have them and few look into rules, regulations, or common practices, let alone give a crap about privacy, property, or as far as I can tell common sense. We are not usually the problem but some of the experienced modelers are no better than the common willfully ignorant consumer. Some average consumers join our ranks in modeling, some play and get out, some just do stupid stuff and get proficient enough to mess it up for everyone.

It is up to the hobbyist to do our best to fix it. If we obey the rules and educate people as we can we may be able to turn this around eventually, but it will be a while, I believe. I personally do not really enjoy flying multi-rotors but if you do that's great. Just my thoughts on this.