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I am new to multi-rotors. I have been flying FT fixed wings for a few years. I am looking for something that I can fly around the house with. I live in a two story house with a basement. It would be cool to fly up and down stairs FPV. This would keep be occupied through the Wisconsin winter.

I was doing some research and think I want a 65mm tiny whoop. So far I am considering one of these two kits:

There are so many things to consider.
1. Will the radio be able to bind with a larger multi-rotor when I get more comfortable? Will the gimbals last? Can it connect to a sim? Which one is best?
2. Will the box goggles be comfortable? Can I expect them to be immersive or barely usable? Do I need a DVR?
3. Will the whoop be easily flyable? Crash and break it right away? Durability?

I would like to buy from Flite Test but there doesn't seem to be much information about the Tiny Whoop. No reviews. Hardly any specs.

It looks like the Emax EZ Pilot is more forgiving for a new guy.

I also want to say that I got a cheap drone ($40) to fly around to get some experience. Don't mind if it gets destroyed. It was a Cyber Monday deal. Now it is $60...

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. I looked around but didn't find a post that asked the same questions. If I missed it, please point me there. There are probably others that want to dip their toe into the whoop water.

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I have been whooping since before whoops were a thing. The crazy bee setup on the FT kit is good stuff and would be easy for most quad guys on the board to help you with should you need it. It is a decent beginner's kit. Never used the radio or goggles, but FT tends to have good products.