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Are FatShark goggles and lots of other FPV products always out of stock everywhere?


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I can't tell if I'm just not looking in the right places, or if they've just coincidentally been sold out literally everywhere for at least two months now. And I thought sourcing parts for a multirotor build was tough!


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Does anyone know if there are any receivers other than the Uno which are compatible with the ImmersionRC transmitters? I'm hoping to assemble a setup with multiple Fatshark goggles and an external monitor all simultaneously receiving from the same ImmersionRC 600mW video transmitter, if that's possible, and I'm having the toughest time researching compatibility.


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if you get the dominators you can change the reciever module which means you can have a wider range of reciever brands to choose from.
I saved $100 on my Attitudes by buying off the RCG used gear section. And they were all "sold out" everywhere as well. I bet if you scanned that section for less than a week you can find what you want and save some cash. Caveat emptor, check seller feedback and all.

Full disclosure though, mine didn't include the 250mW Tx that normally comes with Attitudes. I took my $100 savings and bought the 600mW IRC Tx and a pair of SprioNET antennas. Basically was able to upgrade the whole package for the same money.
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