Duster build. My late night ramble. Power questions, housekeeping and other nonsense


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So I got stalled out on my Baby Blender build, waiting for the electronics to show up and more importantly the darn rain to go away. In the meantime I decided to take the opportunity to get the firmware updated on my Taranis and refresh my memory on how to use OpenTx companion. I made a few mistakes, scared myself thinking I bricked my radio once. But successfully got it updated to 2.2.4 bootloader and firmware. I learned quite a bit along the way and it took me doing some digging around the various forums to get all my sound packs installed again and learn about the new changes and most importantly how to work my way through a fixed wing setup.

I finished up a mod that I had started a few years ago and took the transmitter apart, I installed a OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 transmitter module and relocated the modules antenna on the top of the transmitter housing just behind the stock antenna rather than sticking out the back of the module. It looks much cleaner this way and I can lay the transmitter on it's back without it resting on the antenna. I previously used the module to connect the Taranis to a little BNF nano quad I had to chase the dog around the house with. Lots of fun.

Since I'm in a lull I also decided to get to work on a FT Duster. I thought it was a cute looking plane and it will be fun to show some of the younger kids and give them a chance to fly on a buddy box and maybe introduce a few to the hobby. One of my goals with this one was to see how cheap I could get it in the air. I've got the plans taped together, a fresh stack of DTFB, some new blades and a sharp pencil. Most of the parts are drawn onto the foamboard and I'll cut them out as time allows.

I've been wondering about these extremely inexpensive 30A ESC / 2212 motor combos. I'm guessing they are probably not that great but for 10$ it will be worth the experiment. I've got one of those on the way to put in the Duster. I also wanted to try out my new transmitter mod so I have a OrangeRx R610V2 Lite receiver to go in it as well. If the stuff ends up being junk, well I'm not out that much money and I do have a FT power pack C on it's way that will go in a swapable so I do have a backup plan. If it ends up working I'll have a plane in the air for around 30$

I'm interested in hearing if any of you have used any of These ebay combos and what your experience was with them, good or bad. I'd especially like to hear about any budget friendly motor/esc combos that work good. The cheaper the better. I do know you get what you pay for... but I can't really afford 80$ FT combos to have one in every plane and I'd like to have at least three planes ready to fly at any one time. Eventually I will pick up a matching FT C pack because the idea of a twin with differential power looks like a blast.

I've always been interested in turbine/ducted fan planes, but that was something so far out of reach for me that I couldn't see it materializing. Now that I have found foam board that interest has been resparked so as the summer rolls around I will be saving up some money for a 70mm fan and looking for something fun to put that into. I've been following some of the scratchbuilt lear jets here and I find it really amazing what some of you guys are doing with it. I hope to be able to join in on that at some point.

On the stick built side of things I found some plans for a Mooney 21 that I will try to eventually get around to building. My grandfather owned a few Mooney's when I was younger and I've always had one on my radar. I thought this might be a fun one to do my own scratchbuild out of foamboard but we will see. Maybe a hybrid foam/balsa build. Has anybody got any construction techniques for building symmetrical airfoils out of foam?

Sorry to ramble on, late night, got the flu and posting medicated with lots of ideas in my head. As always I appreciate any comments/advice, good jokes, or interesting links.... Thanks for listening.



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Hey, man! Sounds like you’ve got lots of experience! I haven’t even thought about some of the tx issues/mods you brought up. I use a flysky and only just recently started looking into their micro receivers.
I haven’t used those eBay combos but for the price I might get one! @ScottSteward just finished his duster, check it out on his Yo! thread. The Mooney looks like a fun build too! I recently found outerzone, I can lose an hour easy, just browsing those old plans! The ft edge used a symmetrical airfoil, that might be a starting point. Lots of others will have ideas too!