Arizona Electric Festival, Feb. 3rd - 5th, 2023


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Three of us volunteered at the 2022 Arizona Electric Festival this year, manning a "Build A Chuck Glider" booth for kids. The AEF has asked me if we are planning on coming back for AEF 2023. I'm communicating with Stephen and Jason regarding this, and Stephen is communicating with the higher-ups here in FTCA, but while that's going on, I thought I'd put it out here for the Community group.

The Arizona Electric Festival is great event, with some great demos and plenty of flying opportunities. The weather in Mesa, on the east side of the Phoenix Metro, is usually nice that time of year. If we do have a booth at the AEF, I wanted to see if we had other FTCA members that are either in the Southern Arizona area or will be here at that time, that would be willing to volunteer to help out manning the booth.

While I'd love to see the Flite Test crew come out as either vendors or exhibitors to the AEF, that's obviously their decision, and I'm sure the logistics and the cost of travel from Ohio to Mesa is rather prohibitive. That said, we as the FTCA can certainly represent the Flite Test crew with our local participation, and share both our love of flying, and the fun products/projects that Flite Test offers to the world of R/C.

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