AS3x is being twitchy on my Apprentice since a crash

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Good Afternoon:
Since I broke the fuse in front of the tail on my Apprentice, the AS3x has been twitchy. Is there a rest to standard setting? The plane has been a joy to fly until I reattach its tail. Any thoughts? Coincidentally, my Radian XL's AS3x was twitchy to a lesser degree at the same time. We haven't flown the Radian since late last year. We fly near a middle school and I have seen people complain about security systems can cause issues with 2.4ghz. I have not had any issue in the last few years we have flown there. Thanks in advance.


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If it is the Mini Apretence S that AS3X receiver cannot be reprogramed there is no port to plug in the programing cord.