Ask, and you shall receive...


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Ask and you shall receive, answers that is!

The FreeFall RC Podcast crew is requesting questions for an upcoming listener series.
Questions can be posted on facebook or just comment below.

Post questions in the comments below for us to answer on the show.
Helis, Planes, technical stuff, opinions, any topic is ok although you may not like the answer we give.


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If I fly fpv and crash into something hard enough to break my camera will I get a black eye?


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@HilldaFlyer - until you bumped this,
I just bought the Nano 2s (just before they mentioned it) this is my first one. Where should we newbs go to learn about maneuvers?What they are and how to start them?

What's their thoughts on the PRANDLT-D Wing Nasa tested?
Can they talk about the don't of Night-time setup? what were their pitfalls?
Do they Scratchbuild anything?
Why no FPV Helis?
Where does you guys fly at lunch? it's northern Jersey. EVERYTHING is in a No-Fly Zone.
What 3d Printing prints do they use most with the helis (besides clips)? Have they ever Races the openFormula1 Racers? Is it worth printing? (I have an extra RC Car electronic setup.)

Does that help?

Tell them thanks for the great show repping the RC community.