Attention all 3d printer owners, help healthcare workers with 3d printed PPE masks!

Ryan O.

Out of Foam Board!
Any 3d printer capable of printing plane parts should be good enough to print this: I already made 20 of a different type, and they are really easy to print. This particular one is best with PETG or PET, but it should work with PLA, so everyone can print it. It prints so fast that in a matter of a week you can make a ton with the use of overnight prints. the clear plastic can be bought in bulk for dirt cheap on amazon, and I'm using one that isn't as thick. You also need buttonhole elastic bands:
and a way to sterilize it in case you are infected. The hospital near me has a sterilization method as well.
Compared to the price of rc planes the materials for this are pocket change, so what are you waiting for :)
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