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Attitude V3 vs. Dominator V3 - which should I get?

So my first adventure in FPV was done with the Quanum DIY FPV goggles. They have been a fantastic way to get into FPV, but I'm planning on picking up a pair of fatsharks because of the form factor and quality that they seem to be known for. I've narrowed it down to two sets: The Attitude V3's and the Dominator V3's.

I like that the attitude's come with the receiver and such, but I am wondering if the Dominators will be better off in the long run because of the HDMI input and wider angle. I don't have a DJI product of any kind, but I'll be using these with my Pixhawk based Electrohub, a ZMR 250, and some FT airplanes. I've read some complaints about the aspect ratio on the Dominators, but I've also read that it's easy to get used to. Plus, I wouldn't mind mounting one of the 960TVL cameras on my 250 quad and use the extra screen real estate for better peripheral vision. I've looked into the other brands and versions, but I've settled on the fatsharks. I'm not really intersted in Headplays or the other goggles out there for a variety of reasons.

So, which would you guys recommend? Is the aspect ratio really that big of a deal and do you think that 16:9 will become the new standard in the next couple of years? Thanks for your insight!


Without getting into the nitty gritty, I prefer the Attitude V3's for 3 reasons... They come with a module and because the price of the Dominator V3's just went from $349 to $379...the attitudes are $332. Biggest downside is that they do not allow for DVR! So, if you are looking for that feature, then you need to go with the Dominators...
Lastly, I prefer the 4.3 aspect ratio...because I have not found a whole lot of 16.9 camera options out there without really digging around! Plus, I have flown both and the attitudes feel better while i'm flying as far as the immersive experience!

Hope this helps!