1. W

    DJI Googles V2 For Sale

    I am selling a set of DJI Goggles V2. I probably have less than 2 hours on these goggles. They are in excellent condition (no scratches on the lenses or on the outer surface). They come with the Lumenier AXII HD II faceplate antenna and stubbies as well as a Fat Strap and foam cushion. They are...
  2. WindWalkerFPV

    ORQA FPV.ONE, Review (Part 1)

    Backer #166 DHL package received 12/13. Another happy ORQA customer! In this video I try to cover my first impressions, pros, cons and experience using the FPV.ONE. This will be a "part 1" with an unboxing and overview only. I have a TON of flight footage and need to start editing... I want...
  3. O

    Black feed on goggles

    Hello. I'm building an fpv quad for the first time. I connected my camera and I saw the feed but after completing the build and looking at the goggles, I just saw a black screen. ??? I'm so confused. I'm on the correct channel. The other channels are all staticky like normal. I checked and...
  4. Innaviation

    Cheap Fatshark Goggles

    Recently I have been flying, and crashing, my tiny whoop around, and have been enjoying viewing it on my EACHINE EV800. I wanted to both be able to record and to have a lighter more compact goggle (something like a Dominator v3) but have trouble getting over the hurtle of how expensive Fatshark...
  5. themajik1

    Headplay V2 Goggles

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried and or succeeded in adding a diversity receiver to the Headplay V2 goggles? I have looked around on Google and everything I see is for the original Headplays. I don’t think the upgrade would be the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Mike...
  6. K

    FXT Flite Test Edition - FPV Goggles

    Hi everybody! This is my first post. I have found a lot of answers and great information on this forum, thanks to all who contribute! I bought the FXT Flite Test Edition - FPV Goggles from the FT store. I was really looking forward to using them since they are a huge upgrade compared to my Hobby...
  7. P

    Goggles if available :)

    Hello everyone! I got into the hobby in December 2017. This month i bought a nice cheap kit to learn on so i can build and rebuild if needed. With my Tiny Whoop RTF bundle i got a nice little monitor that im using. But i think it’d be nice to move up to something like goggles. If anyone has a...
  8. waxton

    I just need advice (or goggles)... If you could help, that'd be great :)

    So basically I've been wanting to get into drones and stuff for a while now, and I have had a couple small ones before, but this year for christmas I finally got a Luminer QAV 250. In addition, I also got a flysky controller, and a tiny 5.8 GHz camera and transmitter. However, I do not have a...
  9. G

    FPV Goggles needed

    Need some goggles preferably below $200 and not eachine goggles.
  10. Z

    Just got in to the hobby, and I have no FPV Gear

    I just finished up my first ever quad (5") and have barely been able to fly it due to weather. I have been practising a lot (basically all my free time because it is so much fun) indoors on a little cheap Tiny Whoop type quad (no camera)that I put together. I have been eager to get out and fly...
  11. hbb3367

    Anyone need Goggles

    Jack Shaughnessy here in Spring, Texas. I have 4 pairs of Echine 5.8G FPV VR Goggles (EV800 model) Brand New in the Box. They have a built in Lipo battery, and can be worn as a goggle, or use as a screen on a tripod or such. I had ten sets but have given many away locally to kids wanting to...
  12. W

    What FPV goggles to get?!

    OK after completing my first racing quad, and flying LOS for a couple of weeks, i can safely say that im ready to get into FPV. My budget is 350$-400$. I was set on going to HobbyTown and getting the attitude v4's but i have seen that the Dominator v3's are a better choice because of diversity...
  13. R

    FPV with glasses

    I am trying to get a friend into FPV, but he wears glasses... my Fat Shark goggles don't fit, so I was wondering what options there are out there (other than contact lenses) for people wearing glasses - are there any sets for which inserts can be purchased, or where glasses can be worn over the...
  14. S

    Two FPV questions

    Hello, Currently very confused about setting up my system with the addition of my new goggles and looking for any insight into this issue. I'm wondering if there are any negative effects of powering both the monitor and vrx off of the same battery. Loss of range? In my case, I'm using the...
  15. N

    For Sale: Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles

    *SOLD* Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles For sale: Fatshark Teleporter V4 FPV goggles incuding carry case, RHCP antenna, 760 mAh Li-Po battery, wall outlet charging cable and unused cleaning cloth. Asking $100 shipped. I will ship with UPS and PM or text tracking number. Located in Port...
  16. F

    Goggles doesn't find my fpv camera

    Hi, I've recently made a micro quad by myself (qx90) and add the TX02 camera on it. To go with i've bought the eachine vr d2 goggles to begin. At the beginning I turn on the drone and the goggles and find the channels for the camera and the goggles, it was working well and I was seeing clearly...
  17. muteFPV

    How to power your FPV Goggles from a 5V Powerbank (ft. Quanum V2 Pro)

    Monitor-based goggles (headboxes) are a very nice way to get into FPV flying without breaking the bank. But if you do not get an AiO pair of goggles that has a built-in battery or at least come with one (and possibly a suitable charger), you will certainly need a pair to enjoy your flights...
  18. A

    Eachine VRD2 Focus Solved.

    EachineVRD 2 Goggles. How I simply solved my out of focus problem.
  19. M

    General Goggle Compatibility for Quadcopters

    I am buying the JJRC PRO 200 and I would like to purchase these goggles: http://www.gearbest.com/fpv-system/pp_410970.html?wid=21&lkid=10105338 as per recommended by UAVfuture in his beginner video on YT. The customer service question says, however, that these goggles are not compatible with...
  20. WindWalkerFPV

    Eachine Goggles One - 5.8G 40CH 1080p HDMI FPV Goggles

    I'm in the market for a good first pair of FPV goggles. The Fat Shark Attitude V3's are at the top of my list and a bit over budget. Whats Flite Test's opinion on the new Eachine GogglesOne? FOV 78 degrees No IPD Range Necessary (One Screen) 1920 x 1080P Display No 3D Support 5.8G, 40...