1. GiantAntCowboy

    First Mountain Test Flight!

    Hey guys, for a while I've been building, testing and tuning with the goal of improving my TX signal and VTX range. Finally I felt confident enough with the setup to attempt exploring the mountain behind my house. It's not the most amazing run, but excited with the accomplishment and wanted...
  2. Flyingshark

    Help! FPV Camera/VTX for FatShark Teleporter V4?

    I have a FatShark Teleporter V4 FPV headset from a Nano QX. I'm hoping to put an FPV system on a plane, and I'd like to use the headset I have with a new camera setup. I don't think it's possible to remove the AIO camera from the quad, so I'm hoping you guys might be able to help with finding a...
  3. Cpl Goertz

    Goggle advice

    Hi everyone. I ordered a betafpv starter kit 2 which comes with box goggles. I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to some Fatshark attitude V5's right off the bat or upgrading later. Any help would be fabulous. Thanks Cpl. Goertz
  4. WindWalkerFPV

    ORQA FPV.ONE, Review (Part 1)

    Backer #166 DHL package received 12/13. Another happy ORQA customer! In this video I try to cover my first impressions, pros, cons and experience using the FPV.ONE. This will be a "part 1" with an unboxing and overview only. I have a TON of flight footage and need to start editing... I want...
  5. Sicnirp

    Offer Selling Fatshark HDO's!

    Hello, I'm selling Fatshark HDO's with Furious TrueD diversity receiver. Googles are just like brand new, I have flown 2 times with them in 2019 summer. Selling because don't have time to fly anymore. :( I'm asking for 350 eur (googles+ receiver) . Located in Riga, Latvia. Buyer pays shipping.
  6. kimballgoss


    FAT SHARK TELEPORTER V2 FPV Headset- lightly used/almost new- . Condition is Used. Only used for 3 or 4 flights then shelved for a few years. Hasn't even been taken out of the case since 2015. Almost new. Everything is functional, no dead pixels on either of the screens. Everything you see is...
  7. W

    What FPV goggles to get?!

    OK after completing my first racing quad, and flying LOS for a couple of weeks, i can safely say that im ready to get into FPV. My budget is 350$-400$. I was set on going to HobbyTown and getting the attitude v4's but i have seen that the Dominator v3's are a better choice because of diversity...
  8. Snarls

    Modding My Fatshark Goggles (Maybe)

    This past November Hobbyking had countless days of sales, and I was able to pick up a pair of Fatshark Dominator V3s for $100 off! I also got a Quanum HB5808 receiver (LaForge clone) to go along with it. I have been rocking the same pair of Quanum DIY V1 goggles since I started FPV, so this is a...
  9. B

    Hello!? ...semi-new to FT but new to the Forum.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello and give a brief bio about myself. I love any type of rc machinery. I bought (AND still have) Real Flight G2 with the USB controller about 13-14 years ago. I love the idea of flight and dreamed of flying! Fast forward to 2014 my friend (Rick) bought the DJI...
  10. E

    Fatshark Dominator HD3 vs V3 Help me decide.

    Hello All, First post here. I currently use the fatshark teleporter v4 goggles for all things FPV. I am looking to upgrade to either the Dominator V3 or HD3. I have concerns about the HD3's and the reported issues of blurry edges. I have read fixes like adding the -2 diopters. I heard...
  11. JamesWhom

    Please help me to replace my FPV Tx Setup!

    So I bought a Fatshark Predator V2 kit a while ago and have since destroyed my TX, battery splitter thing and camera etc in a nasty crash. I'm firmly an FPV noob and need some reasurance of what gear to get that will definitely work as a replacement! I'm based in the UK and it seems that there...
  12. N

    For Sale: Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles

    *SOLD* Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles For sale: Fatshark Teleporter V4 FPV goggles incuding carry case, RHCP antenna, 760 mAh Li-Po battery, wall outlet charging cable and unused cleaning cloth. Asking $100 shipped. I will ship with UPS and PM or text tracking number. Located in Port...
  13. cladeport

    how to connect a flysky FS-i6 to fatshark goggles for headtracking?

    is it possible to use head tracking with a flysky FS-i6 (AFHDS 2A protocol, rebranded as REELY HT-6 from Conrad.ch)? I have a fatshark attitude V3. I dont know which cable / port on fatshark I need, both of which have what looks like a (mini?) DIN or S-video connector. Can I just hook them up...
  14. andycho

    Just Made A Video About Fatshark Dominator HD V3 Unboxing & Firstlook

    Last week I decided to bought my first fpv goggles for my tiny brushed quadcopter LT105(I really want buy a tiny whoop too!!). Of course It's Fatshark Dominator HD3 V3. This is my most expensive equipment for my RC hobby. So ! I decided to make a unboxing video, and this it is.
  15. T

    How to use a FatShark receiver w/o the goggles

    Hello everyone, this was my first time messing with FPV and I bought a Fatshark receiver and transmitter. After learning that the receiver is specifically designed to work with the Fatshark goggles, i decided to try it before putting it on the shelf. After flipping through the channels I found...
  16. M

    Fatshark Dominator V1 faceplate compatability?

    My school bought some goggles for our FPV team, one of them being a dominator v1. However I hate the eye cup things, and would like a faceplate, like this: Specified for HD and v2 http://www.getfpv.com/dominator-hd-v2-faceplate-with-fan.html or Specified for Attitude v3...
  17. M

    LaForge FPV video transmitter compatibility?

    My high school racing team received a donation and I was thinking about getting the LaForge transmitter and receiver. However GETFPV reviews say that the transmitter can't be used without the receiver or remote? -Is that true? Will only the LaForge receiver goggles be able to pick up the signal...
  18. M

    LaForge FPV video transmitter V2

    Our high school FPV racing team (email me sponsors) recieved a couple hundred dollars in donation and were were thinking of getting the LaForge system, but I have some questions regarding the compatibility. Reviews on GETFPV say that the video transmitter only works with the Laforge reciever...
  19. hotbrass2005

    Attitude V3 vs. Dominator V3 - which should I get?

    So my first adventure in FPV was done with the Quanum DIY FPV goggles. They have been a fantastic way to get into FPV, but I'm planning on picking up a pair of fatsharks because of the form factor and quality that they seem to be known for. I've narrowed it down to two sets: The Attitude V3's...
  20. F

    Finding the right FPV goggles

    Hi all. I am fairly new in the RC world and i build my first zmr 250 racing quad with fpv gear. I borrowed a pair of fatshark attitude of a friend and they worked nice but i was not happy about they needed to be placed 100% on your face to get a perfect view. So i went all in to buy the...