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Aura 5 Lite issue getting very hot no LED

I am getting back into rc flying after a long break (2007) and was trying out the Aura 5 Lite in my new tiny trainer. My son and I were tossing it around in the back yard in the glider setup and lost control after a few tosses. The Aura 5 leds were all out and the board was very hot. We took out the receiver batter and let everything cool down. Later on I connected it to my laptop to take a look with the Aura config tool to see if would let me update the firmware or run diagnostics. With USB connected the Aura gets very hot, no LEDs and looks like the same issue as when it was in the plane. I can open a customer service ticked, but wanted to check here first to see if any one else has run into this issue. Maybe one of our 'landings' with the Tiny Trainer glider was too much for it, I don't know. I am using it with a Spektrum SPM9745 remote. Thanks!


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Unhook everything from it, and if that does not fix it, pull it out and look for shorts. If unhooking everything doesn't fix it, and you can't find amything else obvious, chances are the voltage regulator has fried.

Thanks, I will give it a closer visual inspection to see if I can find any shorts. It is out of the plane with everything disconnected. Thanks for the reply!