Automatic Creased Airfoil Generator


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Hey everybody,

A while ago I built the FT Bloody Wonder and loved how the airfoil was created: a flat bottom with creases along the top edge to approximate the profile of a curved-top airfoil. Spars/spacers were inserted to keep the airfoil shape. I had been looking for an easy way to create an airfoil shape with foam board, and that fit the bill! I wanted to create other airfoils using a similar technique, so I created a spreadsheet that generates a flat bottom airfoil with creases on the top edge as specified by the user. It generates a list of 100 points that can be imported into flow simulation software such as XFLR5 or ANSYS Fluent for analysis of lift/drag properties. These points can also be imported to software such as SolidWorks for modeling a wing.

The user can also specify a chord length to generate a second set of coordinates that describe the airfoil at that chord length. Again, these can be imported to other software as in the previous case.

The spreadsheet also gives the spar heights needed, assuming that each spar is placed at the corresponding crease location and is oriented vertically. The user can input the thickness of the foam board being used in order to automatically adjust the spar height accordingly.


I hope this will help some of you guys! Happy Flying