automatic elevator V2// Challenge-result

Adam Buildtip

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Hi, today Iam going to show you my new automatic elevator version 2. This is the modified version of automatic elevator that i done weeks ago.In the comments were some discussions about how the elevator will go up without turning or how the elevator will go down.Ok, I accepted there issues and I told myself that I can do it better.Thanks to you guys this idea was born in my head. So please comment and share and rate this post:)
I know that in these days you can program this in your thransmitter but I just want to show you that I can do this.:)
If you want to know more let me know :)
If you want also see pictures from the build let me know, they are waiting for you in my folder. :)
Link to the original automatic elevator:!!!!!&p=174008#post174008



Now the elevator,can go down and up without turning the rudder

I want to continue this new serie so pleasa do not be shy and give som advice for some new project

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