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Junior Member
I really Think the flite test crew should review the Axn Floater Jet From Hobbyking and tell us what they think about it. Please comment what you think about it, and who knows with a little luck they might review it. :rolleyes:


lumpy member
ehh, it is pretty much just a slightly cheaper, slightly faster, slightly smaller version of the bixler, and they have reviewed that. not saying I don't like it or anything, just not that different from what they have already reviewed.


Propaganda machine
If you want some some AXN loving, see RCModelreviews. Bruce is an honest reviewer and thinks this thing is the bee's knees. He seems to think that it's a better quality package than the Bixler, but I've had a few AXNs come across my nose with dud parts (like servos or poorly glued motor mounts and such). Really it's not much different to the Bixler.