Help! #B.I.E, but I have a question...


Ok, so I am building the FT Master Series Spitfire, but I cannot wrap my head around how I am going to print out the plans. I don't feel like scratch building, so I need to figure out this important step of the process. I saw how Josh did it in his mini corsair design, but this is the full size master series, and I don't see how this will work...
If anyone has my answer, please give it it out soon, my workshop is kind of a mess... lol


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If you print the tiled plans, do not print direct from a web browser, at 100% they will all join together correctly to make big plans.


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Do exactly the same as they do with the other plans. Print at 100% on regular A4, then the tiled ones are like a big jigsaw. Look at the first two pages of the timed plans it shows you how they fit together. Article here showing making re useable templates. It shows the plans being stuck together from tiles.
Note the master series are seriously hard to build, if you are not an experienced builder I would make a few more of the regular designs first. They are also designed to be built with the flexible FT foam board, they are much harder to make out of other materials.


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I agree with @FDS, don't start with a master series plane.
Most people will destroy several planes learning to fly. The tiny trainer, simple cub, explorer and storch are excellent choices for a trainer plane. Easy to build and repair. Learn to fly first, then build the plane of your dreams.