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B17 chuck glider/EZ template(printable skin)


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Was asked to do a B17, this is a work in progress, I dont have anything cut out or printed yet...

both the main wing and the tail only needs one of each cut out, (the skin is for both sides of one sheet of foam). its intended to have a KF airfoil, you can see the layout as the cutout shape on the fuselage, sanding or ironing the front bevel is intended.

wheeled motor pods go on the inside, and all motor pods have a inner and a outer side(outside is a bit longer), use the skin to know where to put them.

CG should be at 30%-ish of the wing

Ill get this printed out and test chucked eventually...


As always can you make it to where it would be the same scale as the chuck pby? Remember I asked for the pby plans to be able to print with 8.5*11 paper with an 18 inch wingspan?