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getting back into planes after trucks and slotcar dragracing live in High desert AZ thinking about either Tundra or Tinder to start back any recommendations


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Depends on your budget, skill level, and amount of interest.

FT has many trainer type speed build kits which will be much cheaper than a tundra or timber. Cheap is good if you aren't an experienced pilot, as you have a higher likely hood of crashing.

I've never actually flown a tundra or timber, but they seem to be highly successful models, so if you're able to fly already I'd say you can go wrong with either one.


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Foam board planes are much tougher that balsa planes. A foam board plane will survive a crash that would have destroyed a balsa plane. Weather you should build or buy is a question of personal choice. I prefer building, it's cheaper and I can easily customize the plane to fly the way I want it to fly. When I crash, I know I can always repair the plane or start over with a new one. I spend my winters building so I always have a new airframe sitting on the bench ready to go.


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Thanks for the replies guys I live off grid so don't have a great deal of space but have been looking at the FT builds also been using a Sim at the hobby shop 70 miles away LOL going to do a bit more research before I decide I also like tinkering when I build stuff my AA/FC drag slotcar went a best of .501@107 in the 1/4 mile so have a bit of building experience

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Hello, I have been flying for about a year now and for the past two months I have been nervous about flying. I was even afraid to maiden my new E-flite Raidian this evening. I am a solid intermediate pilot and love flying freewing 64mm edfs and war birds. is there a remedy to my nervousness?