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First of all, the swept aft wing version were the wing is twisted at the end is a project of FoamyDM and is not used in this approach. So please go to his thread for swept back wings and his knowledge /experience. In simple words, now can we remove the rudder, fuse and control yaw by other measures.

I am interested in swept forward wings and well as a straight flying wings. Can it be done with the Prandtll-D approach as well as the other three regions(cosine, linear and elliptical) to design the plane ?

My first attempt to remove the rudder or vertical stab was to take a sheet of blue foam(no vertical surfaces) and fly it. Result was 2 motors, combined with elevons and differential thrust (using the P factor in design) and a KK2 controller and got it to fly around. Needs improvement. Here is the UFO (ugly flying object).

2nd was designing the X-47B with no rudder or vert. Due to my error of mounting a thrust tube and Thrust Vectoring Nozzle(TVN) off 45 degrees on another project, found that when you use ailerons and tie in with the 45 degrees off center, result is movement with ailerons(elevon setup) your TVN moves in the direction of roll, it now incorporated yaw as well. Simple, two servos and the TVN(provided yaw), you end up have control of turns.
What took me awhile, was determining the amount of correct movement (many dings, crashes) of the thrust vectoring nozzle. You notice that wings of all sorts should be launched with a small AOA!!!! watch

So now, on to the rectangular piece of foam and will it fly, flip or roll over and die.

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1) Evaluate and understand(somewhat) the concept that is referred to the bellshape curve and the work dealing with Prandtl-D approach.
2) Perhaps use the device from the Avain approach(my design) as well as the (I call it the "yawerons")
3) Could I use or the offshoot to try my Forward Swept Wing and/or a Swept wing that I could designed to improve stability?

This project is going to take some time to actually do. How I tag it was a result of doing Avain research and what is new. Heck, getting a handle on Prandtl-D and offshoots of it lead to this approach.

Since it is untried, it took my over 2 months to come up with a power system and how to duplicate what is suppose to happen. Prop(folding) verses EDF, where it will probably get badly damage and effects across the wing? What dimensions of the wing? It goes on and on. One reading goes on to another. It is funny how the mind works, first muddled and then you wake up some day and it then falls into place.

So, will let this thread run its course and I hope this intrigues you enough to find out what happens.
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