baffled...Spektrum 7 Ch Mix


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so, i admit i am not yet a rocket scientist with programing complex airplanes so i need some help.

i am programing a OMP Bighorn Pro-Flap and want to do a few things.

i want to have a 3 position switch that does the following;

position 0 - operates as a normal 4 channel with flaps

position 1 - mixes the flaps into the ailerons for full wing movement

position 2 - Spoilers with ailerons still mixed w flaps

i currently have it setup for 4 wing servos, servos for elevator and rudder, plus throttle for 7 total channels. i am using a 9 channel rx. the current channel assignments are;

1- Throttle
2- R Aileron
3- Elevator
4- Rudder
5- L Flap
6- L Aileron
7- R Flap

I tried to follow the guides from EF for their Bushmaster but something is wrong. Not sure if it is my programing or my Tx.

what do you guys think? What do i need for mixes to make the 1 and 2 positions work?


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Assume you have a Dx 9. Go to the SAILPLANE MODE RATHER THAN PLANE.

All what you want is already set up and adjustments to elevator when flaps move,etc.
I used it to learn about crow. Enjoy!!!