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The new mold came out perfectly. Letting each layer cure for an hour or two was all it needed. 5A41E0B3-AD6B-4AC7-82E3-45E72850E652.jpeg 5617DBED-F145-4D2D-B89A-3467257283E7.jpeg 64FB90AC-5A61-43D1-A3AE-8E5FEA390562.jpeg 6CAA3878-3148-48FC-8E20-C7F7828556DC.jpeg B441685F-C2F1-4EDA-958C-948D7FEF9113.jpeg


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First part out of the mold. This was a pretty heavy layup; one layer of 3.7oz S glass, two layers of 1.7oz Kevlar, and the rear half has an additional layer of 2.9oz biaxial carbon fiber. The finished weight is 23.5 grams. The seam is reinforced with Kevlar tape on the bottom and fiberglass tape on the top (to make it easier to cut out the hatch).
Next time I will try one layer of 2oz glass, one layer of 3.7oz S glass, and one layer of 1.7oz Kevlar. With no carbon. I will also cut the 1 inch wide fiberglass tape in half to save weight.


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