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Bat Bone Tri recommended parts thrust output? is it enough for fpv?


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I bought the Bat Bone Tri and the Tricopter camera mount kit from the store a few days ago. As you may have concluded from the title I bought the recommended parts for the Tricopter. So what I'm really asking here is does anyone have any idea how much thrust I should expect from the Turnigy Park 300 1380kv motor? Is it enough for fpv? (I'm using the gopro hero 3). The reason I'm asking this question is because people seem to be using park 400 motors for similar set ups which has left me wondering whether the recommended parts are for flying the Tricopter line of sight instead of fpv. What kind of thrust weight ratio is healthy for multi-rotors? And finally if these motors do produce enough thrust for fpv how much flight time can I expect with a 11.1v 2000mah battery?

Any help is much appreciated.


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FPV is something most of us work up to. There are different safety and, depending on where you live, licensing issues.

After you build and have successful flight, you may want to add more power to your copter, or you may not. It will depend upon your build and how you fly. Every copter/pilot combo is unique. That makes your questions difficult to answer.

The base build for a BatBone should lift the copter with a camera without any trouble and give you decent flight times. More powerful motors will give you more thrust but may reduce flight time or increase flight time depending on the balance you reach between thrust and weight.

Both my copters are quads so I have more power and more weight than a tricopter so the battery life should be a bit shorter than yours while giving me more thrust for the high altitude (I live at 6,300 ft above sea level).

If this is your first multi-rotor, I recommend you build and get flying LOS first. FPV will come later. By the time you are ready for FPV, you likely won't need to ask this question. :)


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I would suggest not putting a $400+ camera on your tri for at least the first 10 flights. Once you put the camera on, stay well within your comfort zone. There's nothing more painful than losing your multi-rotor from a disorientation fly-away or loss of signal.
I have almost the same question:

I plan to buy a Bat Bone and asked myself which electronics to buy with it? Are the recommended motors powerful enough to lift a camera+gimbal?

I don't want to buy anything I will have to change in a few months...

Also, I'm curious to see what are your setups for this tri.