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Batbone KK2 Setting

Hey Guys,
I have built my Batbone with the KK2 board, it still has the v1.2 software as I'll still trying to get the usb loader. Can anyone tell me the settings they are using on their Batbone for the KK2 board. All of them please, ie PI settings, Stick Scaling, Auto Leveling etc. I guess relevant to v1.2.



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I suspect that the optimal PI settings depend on your particular setup.

It determines how strong a signal the board puts out to your ESC's and thus to the motors to compensate for unwanted changes.
So if you have different motors, boom lengths, ESC's, weight it might be that someone else's PI setting are way off for your setup.

This is speculation on my part, maybe more experienced KK2 users might elaborate on that.
Kaptein Kuk, the firmware's creator has a great intro post on how to tune them the best way:



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I've linked to this guy's video before.

As I've said, his work space makes Fred Sanford look like an anal-retentive metro-sexual debonaire, but his initial setup for the KK2 is well done. The Batbone is very similar in size, so putting in the settings he suggests should give you a great starting point.
just go with stock tricopter on kk2 , i did and im on a 1.2 board and its not that bad . i can fly it quite well and its a good base to start tuning from and im always crashing anyway so i just kept on fixing and going again. anyway, i was a bit worried about getting my board to 1.6 firmware but im having a similar mare getting the right usbasp. so i thought id just get others setting from online and after trying everyone elses settings and failing miserably i did a reset on the kk2, set it up on tricopter ,calibrated it, esc calibrated and gave myself a few levels of d/r's and expo on my dx8 ,70 80 and 100 . put the auto level on aux switch. set the voltage alarm. and unless ive forgotten something i went and flew it. i did a vid of the build in another thread and posted it earlier.
i must admit the 1.6 must be really good the way everyone go's on about it and i will upgrade when i can get the right lead but as im a novice pilot anyway it dont matter and im sure even in 1.2 guise its way better than me lol.
hopefully that may help :)
you could always check the kk2 files tab on the hobbyking site and go through the actual trimming instructions for the kk2. the instructions are for the 1.2 firmware.
although i would suggest working toward getting your board updated the difference is night and day.
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