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Batteries. The In's and Outs!

Hey Guys,

New to the forum, but have been a long time Flitetest viewer.

Ive recently got into the hobby and am itching to learn!

One of the things I am REALLY wanting to understand is Batteries... What do all the numbers and varieties mean... Anyone willing to explain it to me..

Thanks in advance for the help!

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Hey luke,
All batteries' have different chemical make up
Lipos are like this. The numbers are as such:
A Lipo cell has a mean voltage of 3.7 volts per cell.
They shouldn't drop below 3.2 v per cell, and should never, EVER go above 4.2v per cell.
There are several types of packs:
1s1p means that there is one cell, and one pack, you will rarely encounter two pack lipos.
2s1p means that there are 2 cells in the pack wired together to double the voltage, AKA a 7.4 v pack.
This continues, but the first number is how many cells are in the pack, and the second is how many packs there are.
The number, that ends in Mah is read like so. 2200 Milli Amp Per hour. in other words, the battery can deliver 2.2 amps for opne hour, before it needs recharge.
The C rating determines how much current you can draw from the battery safely.
If you like formulas here's one. Safe amp draw = Mah rating/1000 x the c rating
AKA safe amp draw for our 2200 Mah I named earlier is: 2200/1000=2.2 x the c rating.
So say it is rated at 20c, 2.2x 20c= 44 amps can safely be drawn.
The same is true for charging 2200/1000x4c=8.8amps is the max safe charge rate.
Nicd and NiMh packs are similar, but are heavier for their size and weight.
If you need more help be free to ask!
We enjoy helping people here!:applause:
Foam Addict.

Thanks for the awesome explanation Foam Addict! Very helpful!! So the Basics are...
How many Cells a battery has= More cells the more powerful?
Mah=how long the battery can run at a certain output= 2200 mah is 2.2 amps constant per hour?
Im still alittle confused on the C rating.. Lost me on all the formulas. hahah

And basically.. each cell is a minimum of 3.2v output?

Thanks again for all the help!

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
The more cells a battery has the more voltage=power it has. There is your power out put.
If you go below 3.0 volts per cell, then the batteries don't like it.
If you go too far down they can explode when recharged.
C rating just means how much power it can supply to the motor without turning into a marshmallow!:D
So to answer in order.
Yes. Yes, and I made up the formulas.
Don't worry, I haven't been flying long, and It took me a little while too.
good to have you in the addiction, er... hobby.:cool:
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