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battery For the mighty mini Scout


4s mini mustang
It should be good for the scout. I’m not sure how to explain c rating, but the c rating times the amperage of the battery is the maximum amount of amps that can be drawn from the battery.


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thats pretty big for the mini scout, esp if running a bigger motor. you will never be able to balance the plane. if you are running a 3S you can get by with a 400mah. if running 2S then get a 800-850mah. on both you can easily fly over 5 mins.

the C rating (70C) equals the amount of power that can be supplied at one time, the higher the C the more power can be passed.

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4s mini mustang
Sorry about giving you incorrect info... I thought an 850 would work since it worked with my mini sportster and mustang.
Really that high of a C rating won't make a difference for the mini Scout. I used a 1000Mah 3S with a 30C rating in mine and it works just fine. Unless you happen to be flying a high speed (100mph+) high performance plane, high C ratings won't make a difference.

C rating is the amount of current that can be discharged from a battery without any issues (ex: too much over the C rating could damage the battery). You convert your Mah to decimal format (in your case it's 0.850) and multiply that by the C rating. So...

0.850 * 70 = 59.5A

The FT Mini Scout with the recommended motor/prop probably won't ever pull much above 20A at full throttle. At one point I was flying mine with a 5" prop and it actually only pulled 12A.

So the 70C will work and kinda is overkill, BUT it may be good if you add some high performance stuff down the road.
you fly a mini-scout on a 1000mah 3S? how do you manage to balance that? :eek:

curious minds want to know...

me :cool:

Actually it balanced almost as perfect as you could get. My servos were exposed on the tail very close to the control surfaces and not inside the plane. 4 x 5g servos total...elevator, rudder, and 2 for ailerons. The battery placement to balance it as far forward as you could take it (just right behind the motor). I had to crease the foam a little in that area for the battery to fit. Didn't have to add any weights of anything to it. Probably the only plane I will build that balanced that good with that battery. It's a shame though, b/c the tail ended up being pretty crooked and I couldn't seem to get it adjusted enough to fly right. She was flying better by the end, but I decided to trash it and rebuild it so I can build a faster version. ;)
In my experience the scout flies much nicer with a 450. I would sometimes use 850's when flying FPV, but it's much more aerobatic at slow speeds with a 450.