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Beginner series for MultiRotor , like the one done for fixed wing ?


Junior Member
I need help with the electronics.... I am not sure what is needed as far as electronics go. It would be helpful to have a list of what is needed (and what would be nice to have). I want to build my own but not sure what to invest in.


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First of all, welcome to the forums!

Okay. So the first thing to do is pick a frame and style (tri, quad, etc.). After that, you can base your electronics from there. Do you have an idea of a frame?


Staff member
Hey Duncan,
welcome to the forum.

Required multirotor electronics are 1 flight controller, X ESCs, X Motors, Receiver, battery. :)

What kind of motors, ESCs, etc. depends on what you want to build (speedy mini quad or stable camera lifting plattform).