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Bendy Antenna Thingy?


ARC=Almost Ready to Crash
Hy guys this is a noobish question,
Why do Scott and Bixler always say never point the antenna(s) at the plane your flying? Why does it bend and whats so great about these bendy 1s if there not even 1/3 of the length?


Rotor Riot!
Ok kwl, but then what about the long metal ones in older tx's? Why is it being forgotten and replaced?
They have longer range, so long-range fpv guys still use those, they don't interfere with 2.4 GHz video systems, they have more powerful transmitters and lower frequency so better range.

Bad side is that if you have another transmitter on the same frequency turned on, it will knock the plane down instantly. And also the long antennas are quite annoying.

I like my old transmitter - JRXP652 if you want to Google it.

I have 1000 mW of transmitting power, compared to Spektrum's 200 mW system. Only downside for me is that my transmitter knocks out broadcast channel 4 on nearby TV's :)