Help! Volantex Ranger 1600mm. Beginner friendly?

I’m still getting into this hobby I recently built a FT Guinea Pig. Then basically crashed in almost immediately. I wasn’t really happy with how I built it because I honestly made a lot of mistakes during the build process which probably wasn’t the exact down fall to the demise of the Guinea pig, but it probably didn’t help.
Anyways I’ve decided I’d like to try a PNP style plane where I can just unbox it put it together and put it in the air. I’ve had my eyes set on a bixler for years. However every review I see people are always saying well this bix2 is better than than the bix3 or whatever. Point is I can never find them in stock on Hking ever. This led me to seek different options. I kept on coming across the Volantex Ranger series. I thought I wouldn’t exactly need the bigger models like the 2000 or the massive 2400 because the bix3 was only 1550 mm so the 1600 mm wingspan of the smallest ranger would suit my needs. While spending literal hours watching countless review videos on this plane this plane looks perfect despite most of the reviews saying you should upgrade to metal gear servos which seems fairly simple. I also enjoyed how resilient it looks, like it could take a decent beating. However I still had one question. Is this a beginner plane. I have heard a few reviews saying that it’s a better 2nd plane which made me wonder why wouldn’t it be a great 1st choice. Is the something my noobie mind is missing? I would really like some feedback on why this plane should or shouldn’t be considered and if not should I just keep on waiting for opportunity to catch a bix3 in stock? IMG_6383.jpeg


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I have set up and flown over 20 Bixlers (1 and 2). This is an indestructible magnificent model that can fly for hours in thermals and in a non-motorized state. My friend has 2 Bixler-1 . practically new. His eyesight has dropped significantly due to illness and he cannot see the model in the air. I do not know how much it will cost to deliver a parcel to you, but it sells very cheaply (relative to your prices, it's just cents). $ 200 for a Bix-1 with an installed flight stabilizer (30-meter takeoff function, stabilization, acrobatics). Here is a video of my Bix-1 flying on a slope.
The Bixler has the lowest wing load and flies with 1500 mA 3S and 2200 mA 3S batteries. The Volante Ranger has a plastic fuselage, fastening the wings with clip-on latches (they always break when the wing hits the ground during an unsuccessful landing). These are heavy motor gliders that can fly in strong winds.Video of the first flyby in a wind of 8 meters per second. I didn't fly past the pole because of the high landing speed. To get into the correct CG, I had to put 2 batteries in the nose of 3000 mA 3S.


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Volantex makes good products. I picked up a Volantex Phoenix at a swap meet last fall, and it is an absolute dream to fly. The Ranger would make a good beginner plane as well.


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Have you considered one of the 400mm warbirds? I’ve seen a few people learn on these. My son has the Spitfire version of this one and it flies great. It has a gyro so it’s easy to fly and it‘s so light that it generally doesn’t get damaged when it crashes. The prop is magnetic and comes off in a crash, plus it comes with a couple extras. It’s a lot smaller than what you had your eye on, but it’s a great way to learn. My first flights were on something similar.