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Best 1st EDF?


Crash Test Foamy
Hi all,

I've been flying RC fixed wing for about 6 months now and am ready to have a crack at an EDF. I'm trying to decide between these three which I will be belly landing onto a grass strip. Any advice appreciated!

eRC Rebel 70

HK Stinger 64

HK Vampire (when it's finally released)


I don't know about belly landing or not, but I got a real cheap HobbyKing f-18 (think it's about $75 in the warehouse here for the receiver-ready version) for my first EDF after flying trainer and sport planes for 6 months or so. I was able to maiden it successfully without any problems, surprised me, as my confidence level wasn't that high for it at the time. Wasn't too difficult for me to control & I got it down in once piece. A little more power would have been nice, but for a first EDF it served me well.

Hopefully someone else who has experience with any of those jets will have better advice for those choices. If you can hold out, that Vampire looks awesome. If it comes to the USA warehouse, I'll probably have to get one :)


Crash Test Foamy
Thanks Jeff, I saw the Blue Angel on the HK site and saw some positive comments, but like you I really like the look of the Vampire!
Do you recall if anyone mentioned an estimate of when it'll be available?? I can't remember. Going to have to watch the flitetest episode when I get home to see if they said anything.
Though a bit pricey the ParkZone Habu is an excellent EDF. It has a pretty broad flight envelope and parts are typically available at your LHS. The quality of Horizons planes is typically excellent. My son absolutely loves his Habu. Don't tell him but it's going 5cell for Christmas!


Flying Derp
I got an Exceed RC 70mm Mig-15 (37" wingspan) for my first EDF. There are a couple good vids on youtube if you type that into the search field that show it flies really nice and hand launches easy. Plus it's only $65 right now and Nitroplanes sent me the model with electric retracts even though I paid for the fixed gear/belly lander.



This isn't my video but it shows how nice it hand launches and flies.



Propaganda machine
I've been mulling over the same question... The f18 is so cheap and looks so awesome, but everyone says it's underpowered and I don't want to spend too my more getting it flying properly (HK has some great EDF packages that put out some serious thrust). I'm also tempted by the HK 64mm Mig-15 (79.95) because I love these things, and most people think the power is OK (not searing, but OK). The smaller (50mm) ones are also really tempting, and the Mig-15s are apparently great little planes and the fastest in the series. But I'd like a bigger plane I think... The Nitroplanes Mig looks awesome, but their postage is rather excessive to Aus ($117!!!!)...


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Everything I "read" and "hear" is that the best size EDF is 70 mm or larger. Smaller than that just doesn't move the air efficiently (like a regular propeller) so the response time is "sluggish" as compared to a prop driven "park jet".