1. N

    Help! Single EDF plane?

    Hiya guys. I recently got a 3d printer (Bambu A1 mini which is the very best printer you can buy) and put it to good use by printing an adapter to convert my brushless motor to an edf. Does anyone have plans for a Single edf foamboard plane? Anything would be greatly appreciated. I believe it's...
  2. B

    Brainstorming for a crazy first build, need info and ideas

    I'll preface this by saying I know very little about aircraft design or RC design. After I learn to fly EDF jets, I want to start a ridiculous custom-designed twin-EDF build. It'll probably be a few years down the road, so I'll have plenty of time to save money for it, but I still want to avoid...
  3. B

    New to the hobby, looking to get into building!

    Hi! I'm Brie. I'm new to the hobby, I built a foam FliteTest kit years ago when I was younger and haven't been involved since then. I plan to get an EDF trainer to learn to fly while I learn about plane design and work on a custom EDF jet.
  4. D

    OG A-10 with twin 70mm EDF (3d Print Mount)

    Another weekend, another build. This time we wanted an A-10, but not a prop-driven version. There are a few other EDF mounting solutions that I found, but I didn't like the scale and some were overly complex. I designed my own mount on Fusion 360, printed it on my Bambu P1S out of PETG, and...
  5. telnar1236

    Plane Modular F-104 70mm EDF Jet 1

    This is the release of my modular F-104. It is designed to be 3D printed in PLA or ABS (optional for some parts). It is a 6-channel design and flies on a 4s 4000 mAh battery up to 80 mph. This release contains full STLs, G-code, and an instruction manual detailing assembly. The supplied G-code...
  6. P

    Missing F-35 Master Series Plans?

    Just wondering if anyone has the f 35 master series plans? Can anyone provide a link or post the plans online? The f 35 master series I'm talking about is in this link. https://www.flitetest.com/articles/our-f35-design. The YouTube video with the F-35 plans no longer exists. Considering this was...
  7. P

    Good intermediate ft build to learn about curve builds

    Just as the title says, what is a good intermediate build level ft plane that will teach me about curved plane making?
  8. D

    Vippen 70mm EDF

    After the last FT Viggen had a spectacular demise, I decided I wanted a different EDF sport jet similar to the FMS Viper. I like the Viggen’s simplicity, so I used it as the base model sized up 125%. I combined many of the Viggen’s parts and modeled the control surfaces after the FMS Viper...
  9. GH05T

    3D Printed MiG-21 70mm/64mm research

    Just gonna try and see if I can take telnar1236's MiG-21 project and get it up and running, I've been looking forever for a starting point because my scaling has been horrible. I think I could get their plane to fly by using the cooling ducts that the real plane uses and turning them into air...
  10. FoamyDM

    853-21 Quiet Bird by Foamy DM

    One of my next design projects are the 853-21 Quiet Bird. This a Paper model: Boeing Model 853-21 Quiet Bird in Test Lab The Quiet Bird was a version of the Boeing Model 853 which started out as an Army observation airplane study, this version of the 853 study was used to test materials and...
  11. L Edge

    DARK STAR DOES MACH 11.2 (RC maiden flight)

    I dressed up Dark Star by putting on a pilot's window and stars on rudder and off I went to the soccer field. Field is about 450 x450 and extra 100 ft added in parking lot. Video shows takeoff(about 30`) and climbs over guard rail (trim is perfect) and climbs nicely hands off. Notice the...
  12. akimbo

    Plane 50mm EDF P.15 Lippisch concept plane 2

    I was browsing the list of Freewing planes on Motionrc and the lippisch caught my eye. I decided to make my first design based on this plane and it flies great. It uses a 50 mm edf but i feel that the plane could be easily scaled down a bit and still fit the fan. It could also be scaled up...
  13. A

    18s capable Flight Controller non existant?

    Hi guys first time posting, I intend to use 3x128mm EDF for a drone. The motors to output the thrust i require is 18s Lipo, Im currently struggling to find a flight controller that can handle that power. Im currently reading up how to design a PCB board that can handle that power for a custom...
  14. f-35lover

    Edf as second plane?

    Hello! i am a novice pilot but i want to fly edfs as a second plane.(my first plane is the simple scout) I'm thinking of the ft Viggen or a random depron edf parkjet. any suggestions or tips? I don't know if i should fly edfs because i have only been flying slow planes. Thanks
  15. D

    Help! Can You Use EDFs for the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  16. D

    Can You Use EDFs on the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  17. Bo123

    Plane Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!) 0.5

    This is a Heinkel He-162 I was working on a little while ago, but never managed to finish. The plans are only about 70% complete, so be advised you might need to make up some of your own parts. Build Skill Level (at the moment): 9/10, as it requires you to make up some parts, and also build...
  18. ergomir

    SAAB 210, did you know this plane?

    Hi guys/gals! Did someone knew this plane? more details on the video ;) This is my first video with English Subtitles, just activate them on youtube. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if i should start to make videos with english audio too. Cya!!
  19. Mid7night

    Plane F-4 Phantom II - Twin 70mm EDF Monster!! V4

    These plans have been available for a while, but their previous location on Google Drive is being problematic, so I'm moving them here. Details: F-4 Phantom II Power: 2 x 70mm 12-blade EDF Battery: 6000mAh, 4S Graphene Wingspan: 36 inches Length: 54 inches Weight: 85 ounces - (5lb, 5oz) - (2.4Kg)
  20. ergomir

    JF-17 Thunder Scratchbuild and Elevons use...

    Hi to all the FT community !!! Few years ago i made this JF-17 Thunder, (kind of, semi scale) and i upload an article to the site, (You can find it in the article section) but soon after that y give it as a present to a friend for his birthday. Nowdays he doesn´t fly anymore and offer me the...