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  1. Bo123

    Plane Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!) 0.5

    This is a Heinkel He-162 I was working on a little while ago, but never managed to finish. The plans are only about 70% complete, so be advised you might need to make up some of your own parts. Build Skill Level (at the moment): 9/10, as it requires you to make up some parts, and also build...
  2. ergomir

    SAAB 210, did you know this plane?

    Hi guys/gals! Did someone knew this plane? more details on the video ;) This is my first video with English Subtitles, just activate them on youtube. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if i should start to make videos with english audio too. Cya!!
  3. Mid7night

    Plane F-4 Phantom II - Twin 70mm EDF Monster!! V4

    These plans have been available for a while, but their previous location on Google Drive is being problematic, so I'm moving them here. Details: F-4 Phantom II Power: 2 x 70mm 12-blade EDF Battery: 6000mAh, 4S Graphene Wingspan: 36 inches Length: 54 inches Weight: 85 ounces - (5lb, 5oz) - (2.4Kg)
  4. ergomir

    JF-17 Thunder Scratchbuild and Elevons use...

    Hi to all the FT community !!! Few years ago i made this JF-17 Thunder, (kind of, semi scale) and i upload an article to the site, (You can find it in the article section) but soon after that y give it as a present to a friend for his birthday. Nowdays he doesn´t fly anymore and offer me the...
  5. TheDeathlyBro

    3D Printable F-100A Super Sabre EDF Jet!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have started to design an F-100A which is 3d printable and will be powered by a 50mm edf!
  6. leaded50

    Plane Hydrojet v.1

    EDF Jet with boxwings and floats. Difficulty in build (1-10) : 10 Wingspan: 1200mm Length: 1100mm Recommended Electronics: 70mm EDF 4S - 6S 80 - 100A ESC 4x 9g servos
  7. Flitedesign 3d

    Plane F-14 Tomcat 2.0

    Foam board model of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat powered by two 64 mm ducted fans. This F-14 is capable of flying at both very low and high speeds with its ability to change its sweep angle in mid-flight. Build support thread...
  8. Flitedesign 3d

    SU-27 Build Guidance and Pictures

    This is the build assistance thread for the SU-27. If you want to give this jet a try this is the place you can share your journey and ask for help. Plans for the SU-27 here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?resources/sukhoi-su-27.239/ Development thread...
  9. Flitedesign 3d

    Plane Sukhoi SU-27 1.0

    This is the first version of the plans for my twin edf Sukhoi SU-27. This jet is a high performance jet powered by two 12-blade 70 mm ducted fans and it has a thrust/weight ratio of 1.2 if built right. It is decently fast, very maneuverable and good looking aircraft. It is a rather challenging...
  10. 37500321_1820066011405945_6039420812195266560_n.jpg


    My Jet Gee Bee inspired by Jimmy Franklin's Jet Waco.
  11. zenith.hjx

    Plane J-20 VS F-22 2021-04-11

    Use 64mm ~70mm EDF and 4s 2200mah battery. Very stable and easy to fly. Can combat or just flying together peacefully. Easier to fly than propeller fighter.
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  17. Dr. Looping Looie

    from foamboard to 3D print EDF Jet!

    It all startet half a Year ago when I wanted to scratch build a new EDF jet. My FMS 50mm unit went through 4 different planes before, but they all lacked something. They didnt flew well enough. I wanted something that was both fast and slow, but light enough to climb vertical. I began picturing...
  18. Matagami Designs

    Plane 64mm EDF F117 V1.0

    My 1st attempt at designing an EDF Jet! Tested with the Powerfun 64mm EDF ,11 blade 3500kv motor, and x2 1300 mah 4s batteries in parallel. ( A single 2600mah 4s battery will probably be easier to work with though) This is an advanced build without any formal instructions. If you have...
  19. D

    Foamboard 120cm wingspan 64mm EDF plane

    I've lurked around these forums long enough. Time to share my latest project: an easy-to-fly foamboard jet built around a 3900kV (3S) 64mm FMS EDF unit. Wingspan is 120cm; AUW (with 3S 3000mAh) is 1150g. Very wide flight envelope. It has a large wing surface so it floats forever. It flies like...
  20. 243A5005-CBFB-49D4-A22E-831C9DC01E62.jpeg