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best 4-5in beginner quad

Hello, about a month ago I bought an inductrix fpv plus. Now I am looking for a bit more power and an affordable price. It also needs betaflight and if it is a bind and fly it needs to be spectrum compatible. Thank You!


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What are you intending to use it for? Just learning to fly LOS or full FPV or FPV racing?
If you buy plug n play not BNF with the quad you can make any of them run off the Lemon RX satellite receiver which is $15, or the $23 Spektrum quad receiver. Not many BNF quads come with DSMX, since most quad people run FRsky.


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The blade torrent is 2in, not 4-5, but I have one and many people say it flies like a larger quad (this is the fpv quad i've owned). Under $130, it's bnf for spektrum, and batteries are cheap (450-650mah 3s) or (550-850 2s). If you take the prop guards off it is a beast. The prop guards are fine but they break easily.
Ok, I have been looking and I think I am going to get the older eachine wizard. the batteries are cheap compared to my plane ones and it has a very good version of beta flight. or maybe for a second drone build one of the $99 builds that UAV Futures has. I will probably buy a drone backpack to take things to fly after school. Have you guys seen the newish mobula 7 HD that's on my bucket list as well. here is the link for the $99 build


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Whichever drone you decide on, you should upgrade Betaflight to the latest current version. The version that comes with the drone shouldn't influence your decision. I had the original Wizard X220 for a couple of years, it's a decent starter platform. The newer X220S was kind of a flop though.