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Best FPV moments!

Please post your best FPV Moments in this thread!
Here are my best fpv moments. Hope you enjoy!
This video was filmed mainly using a turnigy action camera. The aircraft used in this video for anyone that's intrested where an FT Versa wing, FT Explorer, Diatone 250 FPV racer, DJI phantom FC40, Hobbyking black widow quadcopter.
Here is another more recent bit of fpv which I really enjoyed. In the video a friend dropped a GoPro with a parachute made from a bin liner from a DJI Phantom using a very dodgy release mechanism we had constructed 5 minutes before the flight that didn't always release the GoPo but it was a lot of fun chasing the GoPro and its parachute with my mini quad when it did release!
Hope you enjoy.