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Best indoor stabalised whoop for a beginner which includes fpv


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The title pretty much says it all
My son is after one,I’m sure there’ a thread on this somewhere but any help appreciated.
Am in the UK.
Has spotted this one,any good?
Says it’s uk bangood which wouldn’t mean any import duties?
Excellent starter indoor quad setup and yes, UK Banggood is about 4 to 6 days delivery, no import tax!!!
It's not brushless so eventually you will have the motors die but hopefully by then it will either be....want bigger and better or nope, not for me!


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If you go this route I would order a set of extra motors they are cheap and brushless motors start going down hill pretty quick life expectancy is only 2-4 hours, and do not forget extra batteries and lots of them you will thank me later, as flight times are usually around the 3 minute mark. It is no fun having to constantly wait for batteries to charge.

Have Fun