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Best use of simulator time


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I am kinda at a point in the hobby where are need a little bit of guidance in the hobby. I can fly knife edge, inverted, patters, loops and roll. What other things can I learn on the simulator to improve my rc flying? I have a West Michigan yak 55 as a epp foam 3d plane but I can’t all ways get out to the flying field that much? How can I counting to learn and improve on the simulator. I am using Rcdeskpilot as my sim. I spent some time on the sim and learned inverted and it help a lot. Mabye for newer pilots looking to improve might learn something on how best to use the simulator. A lot of people say use a simulator but they don’t say how. Hopefully this can create a good little discussion.
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The thing with the simulator is it will help with a lot of the basics - that is to say, when the plane is flying at you that left is right, right is left; there's also distance out from a pilot box and visibility (because you can fly a LOT farther away than you can actually SEE), and getting the muscle memory for those directions of flight.

There are things that a simulator WON'T help you deal with - noise on the flight line, distractions like birds, or a glint of sun from here and there. It also won't help you with wind gusts and constantly changing crosswinds, despite simulators stating that they can do so. It's just not like the real thing, and I think we all know that when we've experienced it.